About Kübe


Kübe was born with the purpose of offering flexible and disruptive spaces for freelancers and teams to unite around a common goal.


We strongly believe that the sharing economy has the potential to help change the ecosystem of work, allowing more and more for a healthy worklife balance, and we know that we can have a positive and sustainable impact within the ongoing revolution that surrounds the world of work. The past associated with office work is stained by an outdated philosophy, which has stolen a lot of time and balance from the past generations – we’re here to help drive change towards a new model.


By creating a paradigm of rotation applied to our spaces, we manage to unlock in Kübe one of the most important factors in coworking: a close and diverse community, that joins efforts regularly in the creation of new projects and ideas. This is all made possible by the existence of a space that is technologically functional, flexible, and very comfortable.


Kübe in many ways works like a second home, where our members can, besides working, leave personal goods, get together with friends, join events, set up brand activations, or even just enjoy our great coffee.


Where can you find us?

Alvalade, Lisbon

Kübe is located in Alvalade, one of the 20 coolest neighborhoods in the world, according to Timeout magazine.

Alvalade is one of the few neighborhoods that over the years kept Lisbon’s spirit, but  has become modern at the same time. Being central and easily accessible by public transportation (10min from Airport), it is filled with local businesses, residential buildings, and more recently office spaces.

With more and more companies and freelancers moving in every month, a modern business hub is growing in Alvalade, and soon it will be one of Lisbon’s most interesting spots for the ecosystem of work.

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R. do Centro Cultural 27A, 1700-106 Lisboa
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